What are they and Who has them?

How many times have you purchased CAT C7 and C9 injectors and wondered “where are my trim codes?”
Well you must not have gotten them from us. We are the only Aftermarket Remanufacturer to supply you with the actual trim code for your C7 and C9 injectors.

Here is where you will find the trim code on the injector and an example of what it looks like:

Trim codes are those pesky little numbers that have to be programmed into the ECU so that the computer knows to pay attention to the new injectors. Without them, your engine will not run properly. You can only get the true trim codes from Caterpillar and ProDiesel. We include a CD with the correct trim code for your injector with every C7 and C9 injector when needed that we sell.
The next time you are in the market for a OE quality C7 or C9 injector at less than OE prices look to ProDiesel. We will supply you with accurate OE trim codes for your injectors and back them with our exclusive ProVantage 18-Month unlimited mileage warranty.